Client Feedback (Issue #2)


Our client advocates provide confidential peer counseling in a safe, loving and non-judgmental environment.  Our caring staff & volunteers answer questions while offering resources and alternatives to abortion.  Here is what some of our clients have said on their “exit questionnaire”…

What information did you receive today that was helpful to your specific situation?
“That I don’t want an abortion. My counselor was very understanding.”
“Mental support. Positive feedback.”
“How to become more closer with my boyfriend and God Himself.”
“More information about the pregnancy process.”
“God didn’t give me this baby if He didn’t trust me with it.”
“I’m not being judged based on my decision.”
Has your session today affected how you feel about your situation?
“Yes, very much changed my mind.”
“Makes me want to give it more thought.”
“Loved my counselor. She is caring, helpful and listened to what I had to say. Loved when she prayed.”
“I think I’m keeping my baby.”
“I learned more about what I’d be going through and more about my options.”
“My counselor was reassuring and helpful.”
“I’m still going thru with my plan, but my counselor genuinely cared.”
“I felt extremely confused for what decision I wanted to make. Talking with my counselor, I feel open to all my options.”
 “More at peace about the situation.”
“I was thinking about abortion, now I want to keep it.”
How could we be more helpful to someone in your situation?
“You all are doing a great job. I felt so much at ease.”
“I had a great experience here.”
“Y’all are doing an awesome job very encouraging and understanding.”
“Great & very helpful.”

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